In The Shop

Back in 1988 we operated out of a small farm shop. In 2008 we constructed a new high ceiling 5-bay facility with a dedicated wash bay. The thirty foot ceilings enable us to perform necessary work on cranes in an indoor environment. We also have a creative group of guys on our service team in the shop always looking and learning for new ways to spot and troubleshoot problems. Certified welding, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic pump and valve repairs are just a few of the things that we service in the shop. Stop by today and take a look at our new facility.

Our Fassi Connection

Here are a few examples of Fassi equipment. Click on the photos below for larger versions.


The lifting industry has changed a great deal over the years. So has the construction industry. The two meet up quite often. Building codes, limitations of working space, environmental concerns all play a role in each individual project. It also means that both industries are often called upon to find innovative ways to keep projects efficient, safe and profitable. What works in one application may not work in another. Below you will find links to some remarkable projects that required creative engineering and installation. Crane Specialists is proud to have been associated with these and the ones to come.

Granite Construction – NYC Transit contracted Granite Construction for repairs on five subway stations. The work was performed without interruption to commuter service. A great story and great use of the Fassi 800BXP26. Here are some additional photos of the Fassi 800BXP26 80 ton meter capacity crane used on the project.

Schuster Concrete – A fascinating project in Baltimore that allowed a building project to continue while helicopters could safely land on the next structure. Here you will find a link to a simulation showing how it would all work together. The file size is rather large, so it may take a few moments to load. And also note that there is no sound, so don’t think there is something wrong with your speakers.

Here is another link which has some great photos of rebuilding the tower at One World Trade Center.